play uku-lele!


We have two or three meetings each month; one meeting is for those who want to learnt to play, another is for those who want to learn new skills and chords, and one is for those who are able to play many songs in many keys.

We use a very fun play along video format that has been likened to karaoke; uke-oke?  kara-ukey?

We play many songs in each meeting, with an emphasis on playing songs, meeting friendly people, and having fun,!

Level one;
Learn to play

Dec 7th meeting only: 6:30-7:40.

Jan 4, Feb 1st, Mar 1st, Apr 5th: 6-7:40 pm.
-1st Wednesday of the month, 6-7:40 pm
-Hampton Branch Library, 5125 Convict Hill Rd, 78749
-No experience necessary, loaner ukes provided.
-For adults to ages ~10/ 11-ish*

We cover how to hold and strum a ukulele, and how to play chords C, Am, F, & G7 in around 35 minutes then go right into playing songs!
Most are able to play songs using these chords this quickly, some pick it up on the second visit. After attending a couple of times it is ok to arrive around 6:30 just to join in the playing and singing and to practice using these easy songs.

*Our content is for the learning style of adults to adolescents. Unfortunately we don't have the specialized skills or resources to also offer a program for younger children.

level three
strum along

Through the holidays Level 3 is meeting with Level 2 on 3rd Wednesdays. We may resume this separate meeting in January depending on interest.
Level Three meetings will usually be on the 4th Wednesday in a different location TBA.

Level Three is for established players who just want to play songs without needing much of the supportw we provide for newer players.
We generally begin with easier songs, progressing to songs using more chords, more interesting rhythms, faster tempo, etc.

If someone joins us who isn't quite up for the pace, etc. we will help with ideas on how to join and have fun even when you can't play all of the chords in a song. This is a useful skill in itself, since most of us took up the ukulele to have fun!

Level 2;
learn while playing

Dec 21st, Jan 18th, Feb 15th, Mar 15th:
6-7:40 pm
-3rd Wednesday of the month
-Hampton Branch Library, 5125 Convict Hill Rd, 78749

We play songs mostly within one key, beginning with songs using fewer/ easier chords within that key, and gradually choose songs with more chords used in that same key. This is designed to help newer players learn more chords while still having fun in a supportive environment. We may also learn to use different strumming techniques & patterns, how to play with interesting rhythms, some light fingerpicking, tabs, practical & more practical information. Topics can be responsive to interests of attendees.

find songs to play in our youtube channel

We have playlists of ukulele play along videos in our southaustinukes youtube channel. When you visit our channel, we recommend you select the PLAYLISTS option.

We'll continue adding playlists over the next few months. They are ordered by the title: A101, A102, and so on.
Playlists beginning with A are for people who are first learning to play. Playlists beginning with B101 assume you can smoothly play chords C, Am, F, & G7, as well as to do a down up strum.