play uku-lele!


We can offer ukulele-playing meetings at two different levels.

Level One meetings teach folks with no experience how to play popular four chord songs, loaner ukes provided, no prior experience needed.  This can be a fun activity for your private group, or with on-going practice of our materials you can gain a skill for life.  Nominal fee may be waived for select non-profit social service agencies..

Our Level Two meeting is for folks who already know how to play ukulele in which we play a range of popular songs.

We use a very fun play along video format that has been likened to karaoke; uke-oke?  kara-ukey?

We also offer sequential lessons to help your group achieve a solid life-long skill level. 

Level one;
Learn to play

Sept. 6 2023, 6-7:40 pm, Hampton Branch Library,
5125 Convict Hill Rd, 78749
Sept. 6 WILL BE THE LAST regularly scheduled LEVEL ONE meeting.
Meetings are put on indefinite hold for now.  

-*NO* experience necessary, loaner ukes provided.
-For *adults to ages 11*

ORGANIZATIONS THAT WOULD LIKE A FUN PRIVATE 2 HOUR LEARN TO PLAY UKULELE MEETING FOR UP TO 20 attendees may contact us to arrange an event. Service will be free of charge for select non-profit social service agencies.
Organizations may also contract for sequential on-going group ukulele lessons for a nominal fee.
-*NO* experience necessary, loaner ukes provided.
-For *adults to ages 11*

We may hold occasional themed meetings open to the public to be announced.

We cover how to hold and strum a ukulele, and how to play chords C, Am, F, & G7 and then go right into playing songs!
Most are able to play songs using these chords this quickly, some pick it up on the second visit. After your first visit it won't hurt to arrive later just to join in the playing and singing and to practice playing these easy songs.

*Our content is for the learning style of adults to adolescents. Unfortunately we don't have the specialized skills or resources to also offer a program for younger children.


Sep 20, 2023, 6-7:40 pm, Hampton Branch Library,
5125 Convict Hill Rd, 78749

For folks of all ages who already play ukulele

THIS WILL BE THE LAST regularly scheduled LEVEL TWO meeting in the Library.
Meetings will be on indefinite hold after September 20th 2023. 

We may hold occasional open to the public
themed meetings, to be announced.

find songs to play in our youtube channel

We have playlists of ukulele play along videos in our southaustinukes youtube channel.

Using this playlist of lesson videos and easy starter songs you can get started playing in the shortest amount of time, even with no experience. It is also a good preview, or review of what we teach in our Level One meetings.

Our Lvl 2 Playlists are used in our Level 2 meetings and are for folks who know how to play. Songs range from an easy next step up for new player from the A101 playlist, to increasingly more interesting using more chords and rhythmic complexity.